Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Heart Cupcakes Business Card Display

Last week, a cute little lady over at THIS blog hosted a giveaway for me and my Etsy Shop.
As a thank you, I made her this little business card display.
I hope she falls in love with it when she sees it.

Here's what it looks like without the business cards in it.....

Do you want one just like it??
Or how about a flower or an octopus or a car??

 If I can sculpt it, I can turn it into a Business Card Display!
Yep... I'm THAT rad.

Order one up from my Etsy Shop today!


Jaime said...

Love it!!

Rachelle said...

That's super cute! Could you make the opening at the top thinner, to only hold like one card at a time, like a recipe? I think my mom would LOVE this, but she has no need for a business card holder.

Cory said...

Rachelle- yes I can do that no problem! I thought about advertising them as recipe card holders and place card holders as well. Let me know if you would like to purchase one and I will create a custom listing for you in my etsy shop.

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