Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So we have a new roomie. My 94 year old Grandma moved in with us about 3 1/2 weeks ago. She has dementia and needs 24 hours care. So my uncles and mom, packed her up and move her in with us. 
Everything has been going good. It's an adjustment of course but nothing we can't handle! 

Last night, Grandma was kind of upset and having a bad day. I was trying to get her to take her pills and she was not having it. She said "Just leave me alone!" And I said, "I just need you to take this one pill and I will" She then told me to shut up and raised her hand and swatted at me as if to back hand me!

That was a first and I learned my lesson. Next time I won't be so pushy about her pills. I will give her an hour or so to calm down and try again or something. 

Anyways, since this was the first time she has acted this way, I thought it was important to tell the kids what happened. In a way, I want them to be cautious of her and I thought this was a good opportunity to explain to them what she may be capable of. I don't wan them going in her room and bugging her and having her get upset and act out towards them.

So I sat the kids down this morning and explained to them that Great Grandma got mad at me last night and that she tried to slap me. I told them that is the reason why I tell them not to go into her room or bother her. I explained (again) about how her brain is sick and sometimes she does or says things that she doesn't mean.
So the kids said they understood and wouldn't be going in her room any more. Then they went on their way and played with some toys. 

After a while, Mister Studly came down stairs and went in to check on Great Grandma. G sees him go into Great grandmas room and yells... 

I started cracking up. It was just so funny. 

While I don't want them to be afraid of Great Grandma, I do want them to use caution when around her just in case. 
Last night, I was kind of pestering her to take her pills. I should have recognized she was getting upset and taken a break. But she had never acted like that with me so I didn't know. Now I do and I will ease up on her next time she's having a bad day.

I don't want to get pimp smacked by my 94 year old grandma you know?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Thrift Store Upcycle: Part 3

I have these ledges in my kitchen and living room. I never know what to put up there. I don't like a lot of clutter.

See that vase???? I bought that awhile back at Ross for about 13 bucks. About a week later the kids broke it. I glued it back together and stuck it up on the ledge. No one knows better except me. And you now I guess.
My mom loves bird cages as decorations in her home. Mister Studly teases her about them all the time. So when I had a $15 store credit to use at Rod Works, I found myself this bird cage and brought it home. Mister Studly thinks I am turning into my Mother.

And now my little $1.00 thrift store find joins the bunch up on the ledge. I like the little pop of color it adds.

Spray Paint is fun!!!

My Thirft Store Upcycle: Part 2

I spray painted my $1.00 thrift store find using Krylon Spray Paint in Ivy Leaf. I love how it turned out!

Check back for Part 3 to see where this little thing ended up in my house!

My Thrift Store Upcycle: Part 1

I went to our local thrift store the other day and found this for a buck. I decided to find a cool color of spray paint and change it up. Not a fan of the silver. Not bad for a buck though!

Check back soon for Part 2!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Christmas Morning...

I am just a little late in posting these pictures. But here is Christmas Morning....

 We were so blessed this Christmas. We were Secret Santa'd and we so many family members and friends were so generous.  6 months of unemployment really made people come out of the woodwork to make sure we had a wonderful holiday and we sure did. It was the best one ever!! We felt so loved and blessed. Someday (hopefully soon) we will be sure to pay it forward and help other struggling families to make their Christmases a little brighter.

Here are the kids running to see what Santa brought..... G's hair is especially cool.....

Check out the excitement on their faces....

Hmmm.. what's inside those stockings??

Some super cute Princess PJ's.....

Oh the excitement....

Bumble Bee Transformer that he reeeaaallly wanted.....

Opening a Secret Santa gift...

Even though they look miserable in this picture, they love their princess and frog hoodie blankets....

On Christmas night, we had the whole family over for a funny ornament exchange and appetizers and desserts. It was a fun night....

here's Uncle M throwing Moma up in the air....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Once There Was A Snowman....

This winter has been so mild. We have barely had any snow. It's been kinda crazy.  Last month, we had a little snow storm. It covered the ground and gave us enough to make a snow man so we bundled up and headed out front to get to work. 

After the snowman was finished, we had a little snowball fight. G threw the first one.

Moma wanted no part of it so she stomped to the house....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moma got an Award!

Moma got an award at school yesterday. She received an award for "Being a wonderful student and friend" 

Here she is waiting for her name to be called....

Shaking the Principal's hand...

Receiving her award....

Getting her pictures taken with all the other award recipients....

I was a proud Mama yesterday.

If she is anything like her mother or father.... this will be the last award she ever receives from school.
I got an award in Kindergarten too. It was all down hill from there.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Here are some mugs that I etched using etching cream recently for some of my family members for Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Elf on the Shelf: Day 4

Today elfie welfie was found taking a "bubble" bath. When the kids found him this morning they were cracking up hysterically! That elfie welfie sure is funny!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It didn't take them too long this morning to fin Elfie Welfie. He was just chillin up on the mantle, warming his but above the fireplace.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elf on the Shelf: Day 2

This morning was awesome. Moma came screeching into my room squealing with delight after she found the elf. He went to visit Santa last night and report on the kids behavior. Then he decided to have a little picnic with Jasmine while he waited for the kids to wake up. He got into the brownies I made last night and decided to share some with his new friend. Moma was so excited! She said "Elfie Welfie went on a DATE!!!" She could not wait for her brother to wake up and show him what our mischevious little elf had been up to while they slept.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Elf on the Shelf: Day 1

The kids woke up this morning and the first thing out of their little mouths was "Can we go find the elf!?" So off they went to check the box that we left him in. To their surprise, he was GONE! So they wondered all over the house until they found him. He had climbed up these branches (left over from my Thanksgiving Tree) and sat and watched them all day.
During the coarse of the day, they talked with him and told them what they wanted for Christmas (again!) And once while watching TV I commented to Moma that I wanted to learn how to dance like those baliwood dancers. So she walked up to elfie welfie and told him.... "My mom wants to learn how to dance!" I started cracking up of course. I also caught G talking to him as well. Though he did become a bit embarassed when he saw that I had noticed. LOL
Before bed we read another book from our Christmas Countdown and the kids ran downstairs to say goodnight to the elf.
I am loving this elf on the shelf thing!

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