Friday, November 26, 2010

Funny Friday

I hope everyone had an AWESOME Thanksgiving!!
 I hosted 16 and it was so fun. I made a meal to feed about 30 but whatever. The leftovers are the best part. I mean... why cook for 6 hours if it isn't going to provide enough leftovers so you won't have to cook for a few days right??

I woke up this morning to pecan pie and it was delicious!!

Anyhoo..... Let's get down to business. 

Loving this  E is for Enchilada shirt from Lala Lu

This Apron from Abby's Inspiration is so very true.

A little Toaster Pastry iPhone cozy from Keilantra's Kreations to keep your iPhone nice and cozy.

I *heart* this I Heart Apple Pi vinyl decal for your Macbook from Make It Mine Designs

And everyone needs an Egg Head Headband from RubbishTees

Hope everyone is still stuffed from yesterday! Have a great Friday!

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