Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horn Of Plenty

Did you know that a cornucopia is also called a "horn of plenty"?
 My 4 year old daughter taught me that. She learned it last year in preschool. I guess I skipped that lesson in school. 

I needed some more fall decor and all of the fall items were on sale at Michael's for 80% off so I scooped up this cornucopia and I stuffed it with things I had around the house. I kinda had to pull things out of other items in order to fill it, but I think it looks good for just being thrown together in five minutes.

Right now it sits on my mantle, but I may place it on the table for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. 

So far we have a confirmed 16 people for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm going to need to buy a big turkey!! Especially if I want any left overs for turkey sandwiches, enchiladas, soup, and all the other things I make with left over turkey.

And you will have to forgive this photo. I cannot find my battery charger for my fancy camera. I'm stressing out!!! I do not want Thanksgiving pictures taken with my lame-o camera phone!

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