Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grandma's Are Cool

When I was a little girl my Grandma made me this cute little chair. She hand painted it herself. It sat in my room for as long as I can remember and eventually when I out grew it, It became a decoration in the house. 
I passed in on to my 4 year old daughter and she loves the thing. She will carry it from out of her room and sit it in front of the TV to watch her favorite show. I really love it. When she outgrows it, I think I will move it from her room and make it a fun decoration just like my Mom did. 

I think it's cool that my Grandma made this for me in 1983, when I was 4 years old and that I have passed it onto my daughter who is 4 years old now. 

I love stuff like this. 

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