Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Made That....

 I have been so busy lately but I found some time to squeeze in sculpting these lovely keychains for a store in Tustin, Ca called The Wedding Pantry. It's a bridal boutique but it has a lot more goin' on that weddings.

You can hold events in their super chic store, purchase all starts of fun NON wedding items and they also do a lot of party planning stuff. 
It's a cute little boutique and I think you should all go down and check it out.
Especially since some of my handmade items are up for sale there!!
They really have a little bit of everything.

Soon, they will be selling these cute little French Macaroon and Cupcake Keychains and they've already got my coasters up for sale in their shop. 

These are hand sculpted by me. If you don't live in So Cal and aren't able to swing on down to The Wedding Pantry, you can purchase them in my Etsy Shop: Lady Cupcake's Corner

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