Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mister Studly, I Miss You!!

Mister Studly has been gone for 12 full days. I am so excited to report that he's coming home TONGHT!! Woo Hoo!!!

He drove a car to Minnesota for his cousin. His cousin purchased the car from his father in law who lives in Utah. So they asked Mister Studly if he could drive the car out to Minnesota. The drive took about 20 hours and he stayed the night in Omaha, Nebraska. It was kind of a cool opportunity to visit some people along the way. His uncle lives in Iowa so he stopped there and had lunch with him and his wife. He hadn't seen his uncle in almost 12 years so it was a nice visit. Then he drove to his cousins home, spent the night there and then his BFF, who lives about an hour away from his cousin, came and picked him and they had lots of fun. They hadn't seen each other for over 4 years. He spent about a week there, then he flew to So Cal to do some business. Now he's coming home and I can't wait!! 12 days is too long. 

Since I've been flying solo around here (including dragging my 9 foot Christmas Tree out to the curb all my myself in 18 degree weather, which included throwing it over my balcony and then dragging it uphill in the snow), I'm thinking tomorrow morning I will sleep in and let Mister Studly handle the kids for a bit. 
I'm thinking a back rub is in order as well.

The other night I happened to look out my window as the sun was setting and I just had to snap a picture. I love the way the sun is reflecting off the snowy mountain. 

I think the mountains and the views are my favorite thing about living here. It's just so pretty. The fact that I can see for miles and miles is so cool. That was a rarity living in So Cal with all the smog. So I'm really enjoying the views these last few months. 

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Heather said...

That will be one WELL-deserved back rub!! So glad he's coming home tonight!

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