Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping

I've started to get back into couponing. 
I used to be super awesome at it back in So. Cal. But since moving to Utah, I haven't done it much.

 But I'm back baby!!! I'm back!

Last night I went shopping. They were having one of those sales where if you buy 10 items you get 5 bucks off at the register. In So. Cal, I shopped at a store that offered this sale on occasion but the maximum you could do was 30 items. so $15.00 off your total. The store I shop at here is owned by the same company so I thought they would have the same rule but just to be sure, I asked at the front desk before starting my shopping. To my wonderful surprise, this store didn't have a limit! So I ended up purchasing 40 items that were include in the deal and receiving $20 bucks off at the register. 

I hit up my regular grocery store and also Walgreens and I scored!!

Here's what I got....

And here's what I paid...
The total for these groceries before coupons or rewards card was $156.24 including tax
I paid $64.00
I received $21.00 to use towards my next purchase at Walgreens.


Last week, I purchased a lot of Fresh Items, but this week the deals I stocked up on were things like, laundry detergent, toothbrushes, yogurt and snack items. The kids were running low on snacks so I'm glad I could stock up. 
Moma has been begging me for Mac & Cheese lately and I was able to stock up on that as well. 
I won't need that for a few months now. 

Anyways. I had a great time shopping last night. It was so fun and totally got me fired up to be a coupon shopper again.
I seriously get a high off saving.

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Jaime said...

Great job Mama!! The toothpaste has been so cheap lately that I was sure people were getting it free with coupons!

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