Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Toppers!!

I made some more toppers to sell in my  Etsy Shop: Lady Cupcake's Corner, for Easter. 

Here they are....

I also had my very first sale of my Elmo Toppers yesterday as well. So that makes me happy. Off to make more today. I'm trying to make one set of toppers per day for the next few weeks to get some more options available in my shop.
Do you have any suggestions for toppers??

Also.... did you know that these toppers can go onto a cookie as well? You just bake (or buy) your favorite sugar cookie, Put a bit of icing on there and then place the toppers on there! A super cute decorated cookie with very little work involved. Awesome huh?

I'm planning on making some princess crown cookies for each of the girls attending Moma's 5th birthday party next month. Instead of a grab bag of goodies, I'm sending home a cute big princess crown cookie for them to eat at home. So Fun!

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