Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strawberry Madness!!!!

I will admit it. I have never made jam in my life. I've watched my Nana make it a few times when I was little but never helped her or anything like that.
When I take on a new project, I ALWAYS go big. Like I can't just go buy one little carton of strawberries, a single serving packet of pectin and try it out. 

Oh NO!!!! I must buy this many strawberries.......

32 POUNDS of strawberries baby!!! I found an awesome deal on them. I got all these. 32lbs for 20 bucks! 

So the first thing I did was took off their little heads and rinsed them. 

Next, I took some of them and let them dry out out paper towels for a bit.

Then I lined them onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet and stuck them in my deep freeze for about 25 minutes to flash freeze them.

Then I put them into large freezer bags for smoothies! Mister Studly makes a smoothie almost every morning. So I took out enough strawberries to fill 3 bags. 

I took out about 4 lbs of fresh strawberries from my haul for snacking.
And I also made this super delicious pie. I made my own glaze (never done that before either) and it was freaking delicious!! FREAKING DELICIOUS!!!!!

And with the remaining 20 or so lbs, I made jam. 
20 pint size jars of jam to be exact.

I also made one quart jar of strawberry syrup for pancakes and such.

We made 14 jars of plain old strawberry jam. Some I mashed up and left a little bit of chunkiness to it and some jars we blended up in our blendtec and made a nice smooth jam.
We made 3 jars of strawberry vanilla jam and 3 jars of strawberry cinnamon jam.
All of them were a success and I'm so thrilled. Every time one of the jars would  pop at me, I would get all happy inside.

Mister Studly helped me make the jam and it was so fun working together like that in the kitchen.
We must have broke out singing into Bob Marley's "We Jammin'" like every 15 minutes or so.
"We Jammin', Jammin' Jammin' Jammin'"

Afterwards, we made sausage, eggs and biscuits with jam and I swear I've never tasted anything so good in my life! So yummy!!

Moma even said "I like this stuff waaaaay better than that other stuff!"


I can't wait until our fruit trees start producing more fruit and we can make jam again.
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