Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Busy As Always!!

Aunt Karen came over for a BBQ last night with her "Elderly" husband and she was kinda upset that I don't post so much anymore.
So Aunt Karen... This is for you....

We have had a CRAZY summer so far and I can't even believe it's almost over. Moma starts Kindy in less than 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS!!!! I'm not gonna lie.... I wanna cry. My little girl is growing up!
So here's what we've been up to this summer...

#1- My business is really taking off and I'm trying to find a good balance between Mom, Wife, and Baker. It's been difficult at times. There are days where I miss just being a Mom but I do NEED to work right now (see why in #2) So I gotta do what I gotta do.
#2- Mister Studly's business is suckaliscious. He's self employed. We purchased the company about 4-5 months before the economy tanked and we've been hanging on ever since just hoping to ride out this horrible economical time and wait for things to get better. We have scrimped on just about every aspect of our lives just trying to make ends meet. Well... the fat lady is doing vocal excersises right now getting ready to sing her fat heart out on Mister Studly's business. It's been stressful and sucky and all that fun stuff. But what can you do? I guess my only comfort right now, which sounds pretty crappy, is that sooooo many other people that we know are in our same situation. Just struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Keep the roof over their heads. etc. So I guess we aren't the only losers out there right now and you know what they say...misery loves company. That's one reason why I'm pushing my business so so so much. Just praying for a miracle at this point but we are being forced to explore other options right now as far as Mister Studly's work situation goes. School may be in his future. We will see what the future brings.
#3- We had many visitors this summer. We had people coming from all over to visit us. From Washington, Virginia, Callifornia and even CHINA!! Yep. We're pretty dang popular. My Sister and her boyfriend came up. My Dad and Step Mom came, My Mom came, My Sister in law and her kids came. Mister Studly's BFF came and we hosted two 12 year old girls from China for 3 weeks. Then we headed to So Cal for a visit and a short camping trip with just us and the kids. We are still here now and will be taking my Aunt back with us for about a week or so. She has never stayed in Utah before so I think it will be fun showing her around the place! Like I said... POPULAR!
#4- Moma is getting ready to go to Kindy in less than two weeks. During our stay in So Cal, my Mom took her school shopping and spoiled her rotten. Seriously. She will be one of the best dressed kids there!
#5- Last year we purcahsed some passes to a water park near our home. It's only about 10 minutes away and we have been enjpying that this summer. Getting our tan on and sliding down the water slides getting bathing suit wedgies. Awesome.

I think that's most of the summer updates! We have been one big ball of stress and worry. But we are still having fun and that's the main thing. That's one of the good things about our little family. We may be poor but when times suck and we're full of stress, we can still have fun together and laugh at ourselves.

Life is never boring. That's for sure.

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