Tuesday, September 20, 2011

He Got The Job!!

Mister Studly is a workin man again!! 

These last few months have been rough. So glad his interview last week went well and we found out this morning that he got the job!! He will be working for the hospital and eventually doing nursing school. The hospital is close to our home so the commute isn't bad at all. He will be getting a steady paycheck which is super sweet. And eventually benefits! Yay. He will start working on October 3rd. I can't freaking wait. Well.. technically I can wait. I like having him around this place but I can't wait for the pay checks!!!

These past few months have been super tough. This next chapter in our lives is going to be interesting. We will lose the freedom of him being around the house. We will lose the flexibility of being your own boss. But we will have a steady income which is a plus right now. He will most likely be working nights and weekends and holiday's but that's expected when you work at a hospital. 

Could use some prayers that we can transition well into this new adventure, that the kids will adjust to having their dad working outside of the home and that they will provide me with the time that I need to get my work done during the day. 

Life is always changing. It's never boring and our struggles make us stronger right?


Cherish said...

Oh that's awesome!

Kimberchap said...

Yay yay yay! What a blessing for you guys! And a great in to nursing school. So awesome! You guys deserve it!

Kimberchap said...

So so great!!! Yay!! WHat an awesome in to nursing school too!! You guys totally deserve it, congratulations!

Kimberchap said...

Also, I LOVE the name of your blog, hilarious

AllMyKs said...

Such great news! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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