Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cookie and Ugly Ornament Exchange!

Every year my mom hosts an ugly ornament exchange. We invite the whole family the Saturday before Christmas, eat dinner together and visit. Before the night ends, we gather around and exchange ornaments. The twist on this is that we exchange the most ugly, hideous, silly, funny or crazy-why-would-they-make-that-into-an-ornament? Ornament. We have had some awesome ones show up over the years. A lobster wearing a hula skirt, a hideous looking rat, this lady holding a bunch of sandwiches, a fake poop wearing a Santa hat, a fish, etc. The list goes on and on. We have really had some funny ones over the years.
Also every year for the past 3 years, my cousin hosts a cookie exchange. Everyone brings a bunch of homemade cookies and we exchange them with all the partygoers. We end up coming home with something like 8 dozen cookies of a wide variety which we then take home to our families or divide up and plate for our neighbors or families or friends. It's always a fun event and I look forward to both of these parties every year.
Unfortunately, this year I will miss them both. Last year, I just happened to be visiting California during the parties and I was able to still attend but this year that won't be happening and I am so sad! I am going to miss all the fun!!!
So I have decided to combine the two parties and host my own cookie and ugly ornament exchange.
Now let the planning begin!!!!

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