Friday, June 11, 2010

More Cupcake Key Chains

I needed to make some "Vanilla" cupcakes and also show off some of the other frosting colors. So I whipped up some more of my cupcake keychains yesterday.

Here they are....

I think they turned out nice.  

I've already sold one (the light pink one) in my Etsy Shop: Lady Cupcake's Corner but have no fear... if you want a light pink vanilla cupcake keychain... I can make one for you!

I was going to participate in a boutique tomorrow but I had to cancel when I found out when we would be moving (next week!) I just had too much to do and a boutique on top of that was just going to be too much. But... if you're local and wanted to check it out... stop on by!

HERE are all the details on my cousin's blog. 

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