Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I finally started grocery shopping with coupons again. 

Since the move, I've been a total slacker when it comes to coupon shopping. I used to save an average of 70%-75% on every shopping trip by stacking sales with coupons and stocking up. One time, I bought $96.00 worth of groceries and the store paid ME $2.50 to use at my next shopping trip with their store.  That was freakin' awesome! One time, I was buying a bunch of rice (16 packets) and peanut butter (6 jars) and the guy behind me was freaking out that a person would buy so much rice and peanut butter in one shopping trip. He was looking at me like I was nuts so I told him to watch my totals as the cashier rang up my order. She scanned everything, I made sure he saw the total... then I handed the cashier my store rewards card and he watched the total go waaaay down. He was so impressed. Then I handed her my coupons and he watched the total go even further down. Then he started freaking out, asking me if I was a "professional" and how did I learn to do all this. He wanted to know what paper I bought to get all my coupons and all sorts of stuff. He was amazed!! It was pretty hilarious. 

I heard that shopping with coupons in Utah is a little tough because the stores will be sold out of a lot of items. I guess there's a lot of couponers here. 

Well.... so far I'm finding that to be true. They were out of a lot of the stuff I wanted today and I only saved 50% YUCK!!!! Saving 50% on groceries is almost as bad as paying full price in my book. 
Oh well. Hopefully next time will be better.

I did buy a couple of these new things....
I'm going to try it out and review it in a few days. It's like this whole system you put in your dishwasher. You just load the dishes and start the washer and that's it. Not sure if it's worth the price even with the coupon though. We'll see....

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Jaime said...

Welcome to the land of the bargain crafty mama shoppers!! You can do it!! Just get there by like 5am! LOL

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