Friday, February 11, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Mister Studly and I are on a special diet where we eat next to nothing every day. So far I have lost 10 lbs and he has lost 19. I HATE men and their ability to lose weight faster than women. We are doing the same exact thing. Eating the exact same thing and we both have the exact same amount of weight to lose to be at our goal weight. So it's kinda frustrating for me to be doing everything he's doing but only losing half the weight. 

Anyways... Ribeye was on sale this week for a fairly good price so I purchased 2 family packs. 
That alone was $25.00 (just to give you an idea of my pure awesomeness).

 I bought all this.....

$122.00 in groceries...
for $52.00 (remember the ribeye's alone were nearly half that amount)
BUT I have $7.00 to spend next time in store rewards.

Yay for me!

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