Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lost Tooth!!!!!

Moma lost her very first tooth on Tuesday!! She's not even 5 yet but a few weeks ago she came to me saying her tooth was wiggly. I checked, and sure enough it was!

So the tooth was just hanging by a thread on Tuesday. We sat her down and told her to wiggle it. Then, Mister Studly told her to twist it and sure enough the thing popped right out. 

We were so excited!!!

We put her tooth in a small box under her pillow. The next mooring she woke up and the box was still there and she was so sad. She thought the tooth fairy had not come. Mister Studly and I followed her into her bedroom to investigate. She grabs the box and says "See!! She didn't come!" So we tell her to open the box and check to be sure. She opened the box to find 2 bucks!! She was so excited. Later that day, we went to the dollar store and she bought two dolls to play with. A fairy and a mermaid.

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