Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Balloon Fest!!!

Last week was the annual Art City Days where they have pretty much something going on every day of the week in our city. Scavenger hunts, breakfast with the firemen that serve our city, a carnival, etc. 

AND...... Balloon Fest!!!!
SO we woke up early and headed down to the Jr High to watch the balloon launch. 

Here's G looking rather sleepy....

We walked around checking out all the balloons and running into friends.

Then the fun began. They started filling up the balloons. It was nice to be so close because the heat from their fire was warming us up.

This one was one of the kids favorites...

Up Up Up they went!!! Throwing candy out to the crowd below.

After the launch, we got free candy and donuts!!! FREE!! (I love free stuff!)

Then G had a sugar induced, I woke up to early, leave me alone, carry me, I don't wanna walk melt down....

And next it was our turn to go up in a hot air balloon....

It was tethered to the ground but it was still cool and we did go up pretty high. It was FREE!!!
G cried the whole time. Moma thought it was cool. I felt like my head was going to catch on fire. It was so stinkin hot and your head really isn't that far from the flame. 

It was way cool and next year we will be waking up early to do it all over again.

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