Monday, June 13, 2011

Moma's Graduation!!!

I've been busy lately and neglecting my blog. Sorry!!!!
I'll try to be better about things and I'll try to get caught up this week and let you know all the crazy stuff that's been going on!!!

First up is Moma's preschool graduation!!! 
We started off the night with a trip to IHOP!
She really wanted to eat there for her celebratory dinner. 

Next up was the graduation and yep..... I cried a little.
Her teacher is amazing! We love her. She has her entire basement set up like a classroom with various stations, like the art station, reading station, puzzles, play kitchen, etc. I loved her set up and I can't wait for her to teach G in a couple years!!

Moma received her diploma!!!

After the ceremony, everyone got to watch a cute video presentation that her teacher had put together of pictures o all their field trips and activities from the year. I was so cute. Again.... I cried a little.

Moma was super sad about preschool being over and was really concerned about not seeing her teacher anymore. I told her that we would see Mrs Heather again sometime. We live in a small enough town that I was sure we would run into her again.

Sure enough, this past weekend at the fair, we hear some one calling out Moma's name and who do we find?? Mrs Heather!! Moma was so excited!!!!!

Can't wait for G to attend her school. She's rad!

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