Friday, September 30, 2011

Got Rid of The Weed. Now We're Getting Some Grass.

See this picture.... 
Yeah... that's a 6 foot trailer under all that.
That's a lot of weeds. We had some members from our neighborhood/church come over and help us get rid of all the weeds in our back yard a couple days ago. We bought 5 pizza and I made triple chocolate cupcakes and everyone got to work. I swear half of it was done before I even got back with the pizza's. It was CRAZY!  They even helped install the edging in our garden beds. I love being in a ward that's so awesome and willing to serve their friends and neighbors.

So now we are ready to get some grass and have a real back yard!! Yay!! The guy is coming out today to put down hydro-seed. It's seed that they spray down on your ground but it's got weed killer and nutrients in it to help the grass grow in well it also has some sticky stuff in it to help it stick nicely to the ground and get in there good and it's like 1/3 of the price of sod. So in about a month or so , we will have some grass. Then winter will come and cover it all up with snow. Then come spring... it will be glorious!

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