Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Horrible Rotten Neck!

I hate my neck! I seriously hate it. It sucks. 
I woke up this morning with it freaking out on me again. 

This happens every few months and the pain and stiffness and pinched nerve-i-ness lasts for a couple months at a time. I got some x-rays done once when it was freaking out and basically..... your neck is supposed to have a nice curve to it and mine is so jacked it's curving the WRONG WAY!!! The bones have also taken on a different shape and they are growing these little sharp points that aren't supposed to be there. 
He said I have the neck of an old person. 

So whenever I wake up with it feeling funky I get so stressed. I don't want to have pain for the next few months and I can't afford the 40 bucks a pop for the chiro either!!

I think I'm meant to suffer in this life. LOL

Anyways, let's all hope and pray that it doesn't completely freak out on me. So far I am still able to move it even though it hurts. Its when it hurts and I can't move it that it's the worst. Let's hope that it gets better ASAP. I've got lots of orders this week!!!

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