Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Oh how I love DCPD!! 
I know you're all dying to find out what that means right?? 

Well.. it's my Diet Coke Play Date! 

I met a friend online (eeek!) a few years ago. This was way back when I lived in So Cal. She lived in Utah so when we found out we would be moving to Utah and that we would be living within 5 minutes of each other, we knew we had to meet up. So we first met at Sonic, in the snow, and sat in my car chatting and drinking a diet coke. Actually she had a hot chocolate. I had the diet coke. I text Mister Studly when I got there and let him know that I was safe and that I wasn't chopped up into little pieces by my online friend that I had never met before. A few months went by with more play dates with the kids. Meeting at the splash pad. She also became my good luck charm because whenever we were together, I would get like 3 orders in my Etsy Shop.
Summer was spent at the splash pad and the park and now that school has started, we've started a weekly DCPD (diet coke play date) where we meet up at a fast food joint with a play area, grab a diet coke and chat while our boys (the older ones are in school)  run like maniacs. It's so fun!! 

So today is DCPD and I'm so excited!
I think everyone should have something they do once a week that's a fun little tradition. Maybe you don't like diet coke. Maybe you like milk or muffins or enchiladas. Whatever it is, find a friend to get together with. Take time out of the week for just yourself. It's really fun especially if you have a friend that has a love for Diet Coke as much as you do!

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