Friday, December 2, 2011

Count Down to Christmas!

This year, I decided to copy my super rad cousin and do a count down to Christmas with books. I went through all of the books I had about Christmas and found that I needed quite a lot to make up 24 books (one for each day leading up to the night of Christmas Eve). So I hit up ebay and found 14 childrens books about Christmas for less than 10 bucks shipped! They were used but I don't care about that. So, I wrapped them all up and my cool Mom found this red bucket for me to put them in. Yesterday was the first night. We all gathered round the Christmas tree with the fireplace roaring and had them open their first book. The first day of December, I had marked a special book for them to open. And also Christmas Eve they will read "Night Before Christmas" but the rest of the books are unmarked and they can open them in any order. The kids will take turns opening one book a night to read together with the whole family.
So last night we started with The Elf on the Shelf. The kids were so excited! This is our first year doing this and they were seriously so excited and could not believe that this elf would be around watching them and reporting back to Santa every night while they slept. They talked with him and gave him a name. His name is "Elfie Welfie". They told him what they wanted for Christmas and asked for him to tell Santa hello. We removed the tape from his box, you know... So he could get out and stuff. And then sat the box on the shelf. If you touch him, he can lose his magic! They the kids said goodnight to him and went to bed. Elfie Welfie some how during the night escaped his box and went home to the northpole to report back to Santa on the kids good behavior. They went to bed so excited for morning. They couldn't wait to see where he would be the following day!

I will try and do a post every day of where Elfie Welfie turns up each morning. So stay tuned!



Zette said...

Love the idea of a book a day to count down to Christmas - I think I'll do the 12 days til Christmas, since we've missed Dec. 1

Zette said...

Love the idea of the count down to Christmas with a book a day. I think I'll do the twelve days til Christmas countdown since I missed Dec. 1. Thanks!

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