Friday, December 2, 2011

Elf on the Shelf: Day 1

The kids woke up this morning and the first thing out of their little mouths was "Can we go find the elf!?" So off they went to check the box that we left him in. To their surprise, he was GONE! So they wondered all over the house until they found him. He had climbed up these branches (left over from my Thanksgiving Tree) and sat and watched them all day.
During the coarse of the day, they talked with him and told them what they wanted for Christmas (again!) And once while watching TV I commented to Moma that I wanted to learn how to dance like those baliwood dancers. So she walked up to elfie welfie and told him.... "My mom wants to learn how to dance!" I started cracking up of course. I also caught G talking to him as well. Though he did become a bit embarassed when he saw that I had noticed. LOL
Before bed we read another book from our Christmas Countdown and the kids ran downstairs to say goodnight to the elf.
I am loving this elf on the shelf thing!


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