Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So we have a new roomie. My 94 year old Grandma moved in with us about 3 1/2 weeks ago. She has dementia and needs 24 hours care. So my uncles and mom, packed her up and move her in with us. 
Everything has been going good. It's an adjustment of course but nothing we can't handle! 

Last night, Grandma was kind of upset and having a bad day. I was trying to get her to take her pills and she was not having it. She said "Just leave me alone!" And I said, "I just need you to take this one pill and I will" She then told me to shut up and raised her hand and swatted at me as if to back hand me!

That was a first and I learned my lesson. Next time I won't be so pushy about her pills. I will give her an hour or so to calm down and try again or something. 

Anyways, since this was the first time she has acted this way, I thought it was important to tell the kids what happened. In a way, I want them to be cautious of her and I thought this was a good opportunity to explain to them what she may be capable of. I don't wan them going in her room and bugging her and having her get upset and act out towards them.

So I sat the kids down this morning and explained to them that Great Grandma got mad at me last night and that she tried to slap me. I told them that is the reason why I tell them not to go into her room or bother her. I explained (again) about how her brain is sick and sometimes she does or says things that she doesn't mean.
So the kids said they understood and wouldn't be going in her room any more. Then they went on their way and played with some toys. 

After a while, Mister Studly came down stairs and went in to check on Great Grandma. G sees him go into Great grandmas room and yells... 

I started cracking up. It was just so funny. 

While I don't want them to be afraid of Great Grandma, I do want them to use caution when around her just in case. 
Last night, I was kind of pestering her to take her pills. I should have recognized she was getting upset and taken a break. But she had never acted like that with me so I didn't know. Now I do and I will ease up on her next time she's having a bad day.

I don't want to get pimp smacked by my 94 year old grandma you know?

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