Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Recap

2010 was an eventful year. 
Some one asked me what the best and worst thing of 2010 was and I honestly can't remember anything "bad" happening. I'm sure we had some ickiness, but I just don't remember it. 
In years past, we've had lots of bad luck, but this year was so awesome. 

Here's a little recap.....

In January my super amazing husband built me this super cool storage box under the bed. It housed my emergency food storage supply and was so cool. It's a very awesome way to build up your food storage when you don't have a whole lot of room to store it. And it's covered up by a bed skirt so no one is the wiser.

In February, I went to a girl's night Valentine exchange party. We had to make our own Valentine's to pass out to each other. Here's mine....

In March, I started my very own Etsy Shop called  Lady Cupcake's Corner where I make things I feel like making and then put them up for sale online. I think I sold about 25 or 30 things over the remaining course of the year. Not a ton, but it keeps me busy and let's my creative juices flow.

In April, Moma turned 4 years old!! (we call her Moma, because when she was a baby she lost all the hair on the sides of her head and only the top remained leaving her with a mohawk. We started out by calling her "Mohawk Momma", then over time, it got shortened to "Moma".)
We also decided to get outta So Cal and move to Utah.

In May, we went house hunting in Utah. We really liked this one with the trampoline in the back yard, but it luckily fell through because something better was in our future. We just didn't know it yet.

In June, we moved in with my in law's while our super awesome home was being built. During our stay there, Moma fell while climbing on something she shouldn't have been climbing on (Grrrrrrr) and broke her finger.  That resulted in a trip to the ER with a super rad sister in law keeping Moma calm while they checked her out and splinted her finger.

In July we headed back to So Cal to visit family and celebrate G's 2nd birthday. After I made the cake, I accidentally leaned on it like a giant idiot and cut the cake in half with my forearm. I felt very stupid but we all had a great laugh about it. The cake still tasted good so... whatever.

In August my little sister came to Utah for a visit. We did some sightseeing and hanging out with the family. It was a fun little visit. I was so glad she was able to come stay with us.

In September, I made some cupcake keychains for a local bakery here in Utah. They sell them in their shops. It's so fun to have something I made in a shop up for sale.

In October it was madness.... we moved in our newly built home YAY!!, had my mom, sister and mom's boyfriend come visit, then as I dropped my mom off at the airport, I picked my dad up and he visited for a few days. They wanted to see the new place. It was great. Then we had Halloween and a party at church. We also had Mister Studly's birthday (Mister Studly is my husband in case you didn't know) and my birthday. I'm 31 now!!!! YIKES!

In November we had Thanksgiving at our house. We invited all of Mister Studly's local family and I had so much fun cooking. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal to prepare.  After the big dinner, we all relaxed and hung out watching football with giant stuffed bellies.

And last but not least... December.... WOW! What a month. We started off by having my brother in law from Virginia come out and help paint the basement. Then we headed to California to visit family and exchange gifts. Then we came home and did some last minute shopping and had Christmas with the fam. It was a great month. We got some snow and went sledding in our own back yard which was so cool. We have a nice little incline on the side of the house which is perfect for sledding. Awesome!

2010 has been really good to us. Lots of fun, lots of change (but for the better) and lots and lots of love. 
It's been great over all even though it was hectic at times... like putting our condo on the market and having it sell within DAYS!!! Moving was crazy and exciting and we're still settling in. 

In 2011 we have so much to look forward to. Moma will start kindergarten, our basement will be finished and we will have a whole house instead of half a house. Even though our half a house is still bigger than our old house! We hope to extend the at home business my hubby runs and get some Utah customers. I plan on crafting like a crazy person making some awesomeness for the new house. Lots and lots and lots to come. 

Enjoy the Radness!


Mormishmom said...

Oh! I want some snow. Looks like a RAD year. I can't believe our kids start kinder this year :(

Jaime said...

Hooray!! I'm glad you're lovin' it up there!

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