Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little Family Outing

Yesterday mooring, we woke up and headed out the door for a little drive. We have a canyon by our home that we hadn't checked out yet due to the snow. But yesterday was a beautiful day and we headed out to check it out. There is a golf course and a shooting range and a little river or creek (or "crick" if you're from Utah.) There are lots of places to picnic and camp. It's just really beautiful. 
I'm always scoping places for my mom to come live when she retires in a few years. So when i saw this place for sale, I just had to snap a picture.... it's enormous. She said she's probably need about 15 other people to go in on it to be able to afford the place. It was pretty dang awesome.

After the drive through the canyon, we headed to the Art Museum.

Moma wanted her picture taken at every turn.

For some reason she thinks this is a cool pose....

We had a nice little family outing! I can't wait for warmer wether. I think we will be heading to the canyon often as a family. Even covered in snow it seemed like a pretty cool place.


Jaime said...

Holy cow that place is one house?!?! Crazy. Beautiful, but crazy.

blueviolet said...

Hey mom, that IS a cool pose!

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